A Scandall (2016)

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A Scandall (2016)

A Scandall (2016)

STORY: Vidhu (Johnny Baweja), a budding filmmaker accompanies girlfriend Koya (Reet Mazumder) to Nainital along with two other friends to make a film on her uncle Manav (Manav Kaul) and aunt, who claim that they can see their dead daughter.

REVIEW: The youngsters install cameras in the couple’s house to capture evidence for paranormal activities but end up discovering Manav’s ambiguous behaviour instead. More skeletons stumble out of the closet in due course that unnerve Koya. What’s her hidden deal with Manav?

Cast: Johnny Baweja, Reet Mazumder, Manav Kaul

Channel Name: A Scandall (2016)
Category: Bollywood 2016