The Unsound (2013)

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The Unsound (2013)
The Unsound (2013)

A man with multiple brain tumours has a violent side to him which makes his mind ‘unsound’. Are the women in his life safe?

The Unsound fails miserably in almost all departments. It is so painfully pointless that throughout the film you only keep thinking about what could have been the purpose of making this film!

We assume, it is supposed to be a thriller but not a single scene is engaging, let alone thrilling. The lead actor sleepwalks though his role. He seems disinterested altogether. The girls, even the ones who are shown as doctors, dress up scantily for no reason.

Cast: Shadab KhanDev Oberoi, Anurita Jha, Sapna Thakur, Nilesh Lalwani, Tinu Anand,

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