DIG TWO GRAVES Trailer (2017) Horror Movie

Dig Two Graves Trailer – 2017 Horror Movie
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About the Dig Two Graves Movie Trailer

A mind-bending suspense thriller starring Ted Levine and Samantha Isler.
DIG TWO GRAVES tells the story of a young girl’s obsession with the death of her brother, taking her on a nightmarish journey where she must a face a deadly proposition to bring him back.

In her feature film debut, Samantha Isler (CAPTAIN FANTASTIC) gives a heart-wrenching, frightening and physically demanding performance as young Jake Mather, struggling to keep her fractured family together.

Veteran actor Ted Levine (THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS) delivers one of the most riveting portrayals of his career as Sheriff Waterhouse, a flawed man torn between good and evil, trying to walk a fine line as a protective grandfather, ruthless sheriff, and accomplice to a murder.


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